South Mar Vista: Secession Group Facing Pushback … ‘Claims Don’t Add Up’

NEIGHBORHOODS LA - Despite complaints from a group of homeowners that their streets, roads and residential curbs have been neglected by Los Angeles officials, Mar Vista has seen a large number of infrastructure repair projects over the last several years.

Members of the South Mar Vista Neighborhood Association in recent weeks have begun to quietly air their grievances with the city regarding infrastructure needs, and some have openly suggested that becoming annexed into their eastern neighbor, Culver City, could be more beneficial than remaining in Mar Vista.

The Argonaut detailed the concerns of a group of homeowners in the association in the Aug. 16 issue, with some reportedly seriously considering secession from Los Angeles due to what they claim is a dearth of attention to their infrastructure needs, including street repair.

While some of the avenues and boulevards in the neighborhood south of Venice Boulevard are in need of repair, the community’s streets have not gone entirely ignored.

According to city documents since 2007, two years after City Councilman Bill Rosendahl, who represents Mar Vista, took office, there have been 343 street repair operations in Mar Vista, including 89 resurfacing operations, totaling approximately 18 miles in distance. (The rest of this Argonaut report … including a word from Councilman Rosendahl’s office … here.)

Vol 10 Issue 69
Pub: Aug 28, 2012