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Sober Living Homes: Not about Alcoholism, It’s about Making Money

VOICES - Judges are not stupid, as Mr. Dumont said in CityWatch; but his reasoning could be labeled as such.

I have attended many of the City meetings on the so-called sober-living facilities.  His spin is really remarkable.  People are not discriminating because the residents are alcoholics or drug users, they complain because the homes have no regulations requiring occupants to be accountable for remaining clean or sober.

Neighbors, myself included, complain because of the noise, crowds that mill around, all-night loud parties, petty thefts, vehicle abuse, parking problems, sex in public, drug deals, the overcrowding, etc.

Alcoholics may be classed as a “protected” group, but why should they get away with things that sober or social drinkers cannot?

What makes people with a preventable illness or addiction special?  Our society is ridiculous in its making almost any minority “protected” victims.

How about people with thumbs that do not curve, such as mine?  Heck---it makes hitching a ride more difficult!!  Seriously, these houses are money-making enterprises and should not be located in residential, single-family home areas.   

(Tesa Becica … sober 30 years … lives in Van Nuys.)

Vol 9 Issue 83
Pub: Oct 18, 2011