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Washington Can Learn from Steve Jobs

URBAN PERSPECTIVE - One man and one vision changed our lives forever by giving us technology to enhance our daily living. In reading about Steve Jobs, he was simple and modest. He followed his gut and sought ways to make technology better and useful.

He shared some thoughtful words that are worthy of repeating because America is thirsty for the same kind of leadership that brought Apple from the brinks of bankruptcy to a technological icon.

Moreover, his words are symbolic of the need for real change agents in Washington.

“Reaching the possible requires heart and intuition.” Our Representatives need to be courageous enough to do what is right for the country as a whole and not the politics of the few. Supporting our President and leader of our country is more important than the 2012 election.

“Turn big issues and ideas into reality.” The heart of our nation is begging for solidarity and a response to issues that are happening in main street America. Pass the American Jobs Act, move forward with affordable health care, and change uncertainty to confidence for the country’s sake.

“Reinvent and innovate.” Made in the USA is not a notion. It is a call for innovation by investing in education and children to generate an educated and skilled human capital pool. Take back the distinguished honor of being a leader and powerhouse so that America is prominently stamped as number one across the globe.

“Stay hungry and stay foolish.” Be hungry enough to carry out the fiduciary responsibility of acting on the people’s will. Likewise, be foolish enough to buck party politics and stop with the crazy partisan games that are hampering our nation’s progress.

The President and both political parties must work in cooperation to shepherd the same transformation Steve Jobs brought to Apple. Make the impossible possible. No more rhetoric, grandstanding, or promises – just action.

(Janet Denise Ganaway-Kelly offers more than a decade of accomplishments in the housing and nonprofit sector. Janet brings valuable insight in the areas of community and economic development. Additionally, she brings knowledge regarding the leadership and management challenges faced by large and small nonprofits that are struggling or growing organizations. She blogs at jdkellyenterprises.org ) –cw

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Vol 9 Issue 81
Pub: Oct 11, 2011