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Just Out: Final EIR for Much Debated Hollywood Plan

PLANNING - The Planning Department released the final Environmental Impact Report for the Hollywood Community Plan on Monday, a 445-page behemoth that, if approved, will guide development in LA’s most star-studded community for the next 20 years.

The process to review, update and change the Hollywood Community Plan – and gauge that Plan’s environmental impact on the community - began more than 6 years ago with the initial Notice of Preparation. Now that the final EIR has been issued, it will be forwarded along with the updated Hollywood Plan to the City Planning Commission and then the City Council for their blessings.

There’s no guarantee that the process forward will be any easier or less time-consuming then the build up to this week’s milestone. More than 60 interested parties – from developers to Neighborhood Councils to retired TV game show host Bob Barker – submitted letters to the draft EIR, each one raising their own specific issue (or dozens of issues in many instances).

The final EIR is supposed to address and answer each of the concerns raised by those interested parties. Now, it’s up to them to determine if that happened. Final EIR.

(Chris Parker is the founding editor of landusela.com where this report was first posted.)

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Pub: Oct 7, 2011