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Greed is Good!

SWEETENING THE STADIUM DEAL - Greed is bad enough, but when greed joins with hubris, we get Philip Anschutz of AEG (Philly The Anuz)!

The Anuz wants to abolish the judicial system, at least as it applies to his Stadium rip-off.  I am certain Philly stills wants to sue all the people he dislikes.  The courts will only be abolished to protect The Anuz from his wrongdoing. You’ve got to admit; it’s a coward’s way.  Because he is so extra-precious, only Philly gets immunity for the harm he causes!

As the old business saying goes, “It is better to cheat than compete.”  But those pesky laws.  And those citizens – with their rights, and worse yet, with their lawyers who go to court and file lawsuits.  “What’s a mamzer-goniff to do?” laments The Anuz.

One can buy judges, but they do not come cheaply.   Philly has a better answer – abolish the court system.  In its place, The Anuz will have mandatory arbitration.

With the proposal being set forth by California Assembly Speaker John Perez to exempt AEG from the courts and force everyone into a vilely corrupt mandatory arbitration, anyone who doesn’t like what Philly is doing is barred from going to court.  Instead, we will all be required to present our complaints to some sycophant arbitrator hired and paid for by Philly.  

Let’s be clear about inherently corrupt nature of mandatory arbitration.  Under the Supreme Court decision Moncharsh v, Heil & Blase, (1992) 3 Cal.4th 1, it is okay for an arbitrator to be 100% wrong and for his indefensible decision to seriously harm others.  The courts must allow the corruption.  

According to the California Chief Justice Malcolm Lucas, people do not care if they are cheated out of their life’s savings as long as the arbitration decision is quick.  After authoring this reprehensible decision, Chief Justice Lucas then retired to be an arbitrator.  (Nice job to be able to write yourself the new profession of Chief Thief.)  In writing her dissenting opinion, Justice Kennard objected:

“I will not agree to a decision inflicting upon this state's trial courts a duty to promote injustice by confirming arbitration awards they know to be manifestly wrong and substantially [3 Cal. 4th 34] unjust.

“The object of government is justice. ‘Justice is the end of government. It is the end of civil society. It ever has been, and ever will be pursued, until it be obtained, or until liberty be lost in the pursuit.’ (James Madison, The Federalist, No. 51.) As the preamble to the United States Constitution affirms, our country was founded to ‘establish justice.’”

Here is what we have with this AEG Stadium deal.  Philly The Anuz dictates to the City Council the terms of his deal and he also gets the court system abolished for when he breaks every promise and every law in sight.  And, we allow The Anuz to attack the very foundation of our nation!?!  

“Mandatory Arbitration” means that The Anuz takes everything he wants and no one can stop him.   Perez should  name his bill, “The Just Bend Over Act of 2011.”  

(Richard Lee Abrams is an attorney in Los Angeles.) -cw

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Vol 9 Issue 68
Pub: Aug 26, 2011