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Downtown Stadium Drama Back on LA Council Stage Friday—Here’s a Program

CITY COUNCIL - The controversial and already much debated downtown football stadium is back on the LA Council stage today (Friday, July 29).

It will consume most of the agenda time. City Council President Eric Garcetti promised few and brief ‘presentations’ and the few other agenda items appear to be mostly perfunctory. Tom LaBonge’s motion to make July 25-29 Smurf Week is an example.

On the docket is a lengthy and in-depth discussion of the proposed agreement (MOU) between the City and Anschutz Entertainment Group (AEG) that would allow both parties to move forward … with at least tentative implied support from LA … through steps and details needed for final approval of AEG’s Downtown Stadium Event Center… or not. That process could take as much as a year.

Friday’s session should feature the CLA/CAO Report on a Memorandum of Understanding with AEG, followed Council questions and debate. A vote on the MOU should happen before the Council recesses the last two weeks of August.

Here’s what you need to know to watch or participate in the ever unfolding downtown football stadium drama.


● City Council Agenda (link)
● Proposed Memorandum of Understanding (Agreement)  (Link
● Eric Garcetti’s ‘Principles’ on AEG Stadium  (Link) 


● CityWatch Columns/Stories on Downtown Stadium ( Go to “Search” box at top right of this page and insert “Downtown Stadium” in the subject space)
● LA Times on the MOU (Link)


● Attend City Council Meeting (City Hall, 3rd Floor. 2nd item on Agenda. Meeting starts at 10 a.m.)

● Watch on Channel 35 (at 10 a.m. Friday the 29th …or on Channel 35 reruns of meeting)

● Listen on Council Phone by calling: (213) 621-CITY (Metro), (818) 904-9450 (Valley), (310) 471-CITY (Westside) AND (310) 547-CITY (San Pedro)

● Live Blog at TheCityMaven.com 


Vol 9 Issue 60
Pub: July 29, 2011