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PERSPECTIVE - Michele Bachman has expert credentials when it comes to taxes – a federal tax litigation attorney, a tax attorney and an L.L.M in Tax Law from some college [link]  down the road on I-64 from the University of Richmond (I don’t hold that against her).

Say what you want about her, but she is no Sarah Palin.  I don’t know if Palin knows the difference between a short and long form.

I would expect Bachman would lead an intelligent discussion about tax policy, something that has been lacking so far in the buildup to 2012.  What I heard, instead, was a statement that sounded as if it came from the lips of Sarah Palin.

The Congresswoman wants the nation to enjoy a tax holiday [link]  for a full year.  Well, if that came to fruition, it would at least put the argument about the debt ceiling on the back burner, and move the United States just below Greece in the world economic pecking order. What’s so bad about that?  We could then get a bailout from China and India.

I am not in favor of raising taxes in this economy, but I am against politicians resorting to pandering.  Quite frankly, it’s insulting.

And before Tea Party advocates jump all over me, I feel the same way about the White House promising more jobs than can possibly be delivered from any program, or the mayor touting all of those well-paying jobs the proposed new stadium will generate - and will likely add to the use of the Earned Income Credit.  [link] 

(Paul Hatfield is a CPA and serves as Treasurer for the Neighborhood Council Valley Village.  He blogs at Village to Village and can be reached at: [email protected] ) –cw

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Vol 9 Issue 53
Pub: July 5, 2011