Thu, Oct

Westside NC Joint Governing Board/Stakeholder & Land Use Committee Meeting

Westside Neighborhood Council Governing Board/Stakeholder Land Use Committee Meeting Notice of Agenda
Thursday September 23, 2020 6pm

Join the Meeting https://zoom.us/j/949 8085 6043

Dial Toll-free number (877) 853 5257 to join the meeting and enter/dial the Webinar ID: 949 8085 6043 when prompted, press # (pound) twice to enter the meeting. When in the meeting, if you want to raise your hand for Public Comment, dial *9 (star-nine) to raise your hand when you are in the meeting.

If you are compensated to monitor, attend, or speak at this meeting, City law may require you to register as a lobbyist and report your activity. See Los Angeles Municipal Code §§ 48.01 et seq. More information is available at ethics.lacity.org/lobbying. For assistance, please contact the Ethics