Bel Air Beverly Crest NC Executive Committee Meeting

Executive Committee Meeting Agenda
Friday December 6, 2019 12:00 Noon – 1:00pm
Location: Bel Air Association Office 100 Bel Air Road Los Angeles, CA 90077


  1. Call to Order & Roll Call – Robin Greenberg, Board President & Chair + Nickie Miner, Vice President, Robert Ringler, Secretary, Jacqueline Kennedy, Treasurer, Jamie Hall, Board Member; Committee Chairs: Larry Leisten, Robert Schlesinger & Stephanie Savage, Chuck Maginnis, Ellen Evans, Jacqueline Kennedy, Irene Sandler & Marcia Hobbs

  2. Motion: Approval of December 6, 2019 AGENDA (per Bylaws, Article VIII, Section 2)

  3. Motion: Approval of November 4, 2019 MINUTES

  4. Public Comment: BABCNC welcomes comment on any topic not on adopted agenda.

  5. Standing Committee Chair Reports (2 minutes each)

  6. Bylaws, Standing Rules & Elections Committee – Larry Leisten, Chair

  7. Planning & Land Use Committee – Robert Schlesinger, Chair, Stephanie Savage, Vice Chair

  8. Emergency Preparedness Committee – Chuck Maginnis, Chair

  9. Outreach Committee – Ellen Evans, Chair

  10. Budget & Finance Committee – Jacqueline Le Kennedy, Chair

  11. Traffic Committee – Irene Sandler, Chair

  12. Public Works and Telecommunications Committee – Marcia Wilson Hobbs, Chair

  13. Discussion & Possible Motions for proposed/recommended items for 12/18/2019 Board meeting agenda:

    1. a)  Submissions for the Standing Rules

    2. b)  Funding expenditures for vertical banner & pens

  14. Good of the Order: Discuss ideas for future agenda items

  15. Adjournment Next Executive Committee Meeting: TBD Next Board Meeting: Wednesday 11/20/2019

    Office 310-479-6247 council@babcnc.org www.babcnc.org