Dear Nurse Susan,

I am an executive that works long hours during the week, mostly behind my desk. On weekends, I like to get lots of exercise, and I recently injured my back. This injury is interfering with my activities and stamina at work and on weekends. Is cannabis good for sports injuries and is it possible to use it without getting high?

Stiff & Tired

Dear Nurse Susan,

Lately I have been seeing all these new skin care products and cosmetics made from hemp and cannabis. What are the skin benefits of hemp and cannabis, or is this just a marketing scheme?

Sensitive Skin

Dear Nurse Susan,

I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was researching the common pharmaceutical drugs that doctors prescribe to lower blood pressure. The side effects were pretty scary. Whenever possible, I like to use natural remedies, but I don’t want to mess around when it comes to my heart. What do you think about using cannabis for high blood pressure?

Under Pressure



Dear Nurse Susan,

Help, I need some sleep! Can cannabis help me sleep?

Bone Tired

Dear Nurse Susan,

I’m kind of new to this cannabis thing and I’ve heard people use “hemp”, “cannabis” and “marijuana” interchangeably. From what I’ve read it seems that they all are not the same, but I’m not clear about the whole thing. Can you set me straight on this….so to speak?

Thank you,

Just the Facts



Dear Nurse Susan,

I was in the dispensary last week and I saw some cannabis vaginal suppositories that claim to intensify your sexual sensations and experience. Seriously?

Aphrodisiac skeptic

Dear Nurse Susan,

I recently bought a CBD sublingual tincture for my arthritis pain and inflammation. I have used most of the bottle but have not noticed any benefits. Is this expected? Does that mean that CBD doesn’t work for me?


Dear Nurse Susan, 

I have psoriasis and have tried everything, but nothing has worked. Can cannabis help my skin problems? Thanks!




Dear Nurse Susan,

After much trial and error, I finally found my ideal ratio of CBD to THC (3:1) to manage my chronic pain and anxiety. The last time I went to my dispensary, they were out of my product, so I bought another product with the same 3:1 ratio. It made me feel totally different than my go-to product. I was not happy about this! Can you explain why that happened and tell me how to find a similar product when they are out of stock on mine?

Confused about Cannabis

Dear Nurse Susan, 

I recently read that raw cannabis does not get you high. What is that all about?!?!? If the marijuana plant doesn’t get you high then what does?

Curious Minds Want to Know

Dear Nurse Susan,


I have had this freaking cold/flu of almost 6 weeks and I still feel worn out. I have tried every product on the market. I even did the flu shot for a few consecutive years but always got the flu anyway. Can cannabis help? 

Can’t stop coughing. 

Dear Susan: I suffer from Fibromyalgia and as you would expect I have good days and bad days…..and the bad days are really hard. I support my family so missing work isn’t an option and I use  prescription meds to get through most days. I’ve read that cannbis is an alternative to opioids, but I don’t want to trade in one problem for another. Can you explain how cannabis can replace the current pain medication I’m using. Thank you,

Looking for Help

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