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Eye of the Tiger

420 FILE-Raised in the outskirts of Philly and weaned on the “Rocky” movies as a kid, I always rooted for the underdog.

The sports drama is the ultimate rags to riches tale and serves as a good example for those working in the cannabis space, highlighting the most powerful lesson of all: persistence -- the ability to just keep moving forward. 

Throughout the series, Rocky confronts crisis after crisis, ever-stronger opponents, drawing strength from the struggles faced, overcoming the odds, and succeeding. During these unprecedented times, American resilience is epitomized by the marijuana entrepreneur, with the ability to beat the odds, see value where others do not, and act upon it.  

It takes an indomitable spirit, tenacity, and curiosity to look at life in different ways and forge new paths. From partnering with social equity applicants to buying into existing business opportunities, the cannabis investor doggedly pursues change, responds to it, and exploits it.  

Opportunity is everywhere. The key is to develop the vision to see it. 

While Costa Mesa, Fullerton, Stanton, and other cities dawdle with their cannabis programs, there’s little difference between obstacles and opportunity to those able to turn both to their advantage and succeed. 



(Gary Mittin is a commercial real estate broker, specializing in cannabis real estate.) Prepped for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.