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Jerry Brown Supports, Vetoes 2018 Pot Bills

420FILE--Governor Brown met his deadline of Sunday, Sept. 30 to sign or veto bills from this year's legislative session. 

He signed a bill, AB 1793 (Bonta), to automatically re-sentence past marijuana convictions, but vetoed both SB 829 (Wiener) to protect cannabis compassion programs that give away medicine to indigent patients, and SB 1127 (Hill), to allow parents to give their children medical cannabis on school grounds, saying it was overly broad.

Brown also signed AB2215 (Kalra) to allow veterinarians to discuss cannabis with pet owners, SB 1294  (Bradford), to establish a statewide equity program for cannabis businesses, and AB 2020 (Quirk), to expand the venues where cannabis events can be held. See the cannabis bills from 2018. 


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