Dear Nurse Susan

I’m starting to see CBD everywhere: in coffee shops, juice shops, health-food stores, pharmacies etc. It’s even showing up in beauty products! This is crazy, CBD for beauty? Are you kidding me?


Dear Nurse Susan,

I am an executive that works long hours during the week, mostly behind my desk. On weekends, I like to get lots of exercise, and I recently injured my back. This injury is interfering with my activities and stamina at work and on weekends. Is cannabis good for sports injuries and is it possible to use it without getting high?

Stiff & Tired

Dear Nurse Susan,

Lately I have been seeing all these new skin care products and cosmetics made from hemp and cannabis. What are the skin benefits of hemp and cannabis, or is this just a marketing scheme?

Sensitive Skin

Dear Nurse Susan,

I was recently diagnosed with high blood pressure. I was researching the common pharmaceutical drugs that doctors prescribe to lower blood pressure. The side effects were pretty scary. Whenever possible, I like to use natural remedies, but I don’t want to mess around when it comes to my heart. What do you think about using cannabis for high blood pressure?

Under Pressure

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