Road Gold

1) 20 years for 3 degrees? In LA there is a project to paint streets with a light-colored heat reducing seal coat. It is produced by a company called GuardTop. The cost is $40,000 per mile. Last year, due to climate change, Mayor Garcetti, said this is a 20-year project which will result in a reduction of 3 degrees Fahrenheit. That sure is an expensive 3 degrees. Two thoughts here. Rejoice the 3 degrees will mean, finally, a costly government project will be well worth all that money. Second thought is - invest GoodTop 

2) Next time you confront the TSA at the airport, not only will you need to toss your shoes, coins and whatever else is on the current list, in the container, you will now have to include your Twinkies. Snacks may be part of the screening process. No information on exactly what they might be looking for in snacks. I wonder when the agent tells your snacks don't pose any danger you'll also be informed they aren't healthy either. 

3) A man competing in a chili eating contest was hospitalized after eating one of the hottest peppers in the world. It's the Carolina Reaper.The main ingredient in peppers is capsaicin and the Carolina Reaper has an abundance. The man developed what is called a Thunderclap headache.I never would have connected Thunderclap with a headache.

4) In 2020 if you'd like to take a quick nap on an Airbus 330 you can make your way down to the cargo hold. Of course, it's freezing there but you won't just be given a pillow and a couple of blankets. Instead, they are planning to develop and market sleeping berths that will be available in the cargo hold. Sounds like a good idea unless they make them small and uncomfortable, like they do the seats, so they can pack more of them in. 

5) Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO, testified in front of congress this week. I didn't pay much attention, but I did learn he is cooperating with the Mueller investigation. Smart move. If he doesn't Mueller just might connect him to Stormy Daniels. In all the questions he faced, nobody asked him. "What's the deal with that haircut?"

(Tom Murphy is a writer, humorist, actor, disc jockey and an occasional contributor to CityWatch. He lives in Los Angeles.)