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Isaac Bryan: Not a Good Fit for AD54    

VOICES-Isaac Bryan is not a good fit for AD54.

Although he is eager to lead the district, or better yet, his political establishment support base is eager for him to be placed in the seat for their own personal gain, I’m sure, I base his lack of fitness for this seat on his lack of political experience, as well as his connection, relationships and support from questionable establishment politicians. In my opinion, he would be a far better suited as a Los ANGELES CITY COUNCIL MEMBER. 

After all, based on what I’ve researched, as well as what the REDQUEENINLA has discovered, Isaac Bryan would fit right in with former council members Jose Huizar and Mitch Englander ……. Seriously, do we want more of the same POLITICS AS USUAL????? 

NOTE TO VOTER’S: important elements of this election should be focused on hands on experience, and time actually serving the community of AD54. Your vote should not be based on biases that stem from being anointed by an establishment that continues to fail you. Let’s take Isaac Bryan’s political supporters out of the equation, what does he have to offer? I’ll wait … 

Times up… He states that he is the reason that measure J was approved…. When in fact, there were many who participated in getting that measure approved. Two women who secured the endorsement of the Los Angeles County Democratic Party of measure J were Jasmyne Cannick and AD54 District Candidate, DALLAS FOWLER. 

I guess that slips Isaac’s mind when he’s patting himself on the back for the approval of Measure J.  Okay, what else does he have to offer? Nothing but three years of exaggerated experience. 

#Hail to the Red Queen In LA 

VOTE RESPONSIBLY, as the vote that you cast will have a direct impact on your community for better or for worse. 



(Diedra M Greenaway, MS/MBA, Retired Department of Defense, Retired State of California Employee, Retired APC Union CSUN, Retired elected Official of the City of Los Angeles, TRUE PROGRESSIVE)