Be Ready: People Will Deny That They Ever Supported Trump

CITYWATCH TODAY-There is an odd thing that happens when a group of people back the wrong side. As soon as a small amount of time passes, suddenly, everyone that was an advocate of that opinion, suddenly states that they were never a supporter or a follower. This was witnessed firsthand after World War II when our soldiers entered Germany. Everyone that they met denied backing Hitler, even when videos were shown of these same people proudly yelling his name in the crowd and waving flags. The same kind of slow moving ripple is happening in the U.S. now, as Americans are realizing that they supported a madman, racist, conman, and idiot. (Image source above: SiscoMedia.co.uk)

I remember when the announcement came over the radio that the United States was entering the Iraq War. I was crossing the Sunshine Skyway Bridge heading South, and tears welled up in my eyes. You see, I am from a military family, and I knew what this would mean: lives lost because men in government had decided that they wanted revenge. I was working at a local tech company and that next day, I parked my car to find that the owner had draped the front of the building with American flag banners and on the inside, there were U.S. flags plastered everywhere. I did a major eye roll because, once again, I was witnessing the sudden and explosive “patriotism” that had become trendy. Our family had devoted a lifetime to being quietly and methodically patriotic to our country, however, we also objected when the men in the White House made wrong decisions; and this was one of them.

Everyone around me was rallying around a conflict that a few of us recognized as just “wrong,” however, if you said anything against the war, you were immediately labeled as a kind of traitor. After a number of years have now passed, almost no one admits having supported that horror, and so we are now seeing the same thing with trump.

One might say that the era of the Iraq War was a “different time” than what we are going through now, but if you take a step back and look at the bigger picture, you can see that it was the beginning of a behavior pattern that is part of what we are seeing. Undying, love it or leave it, support for the country that had the appearances of a bad 1940’s movie. The bloody, murderous deaths of so many people didn’t seem to make an impression on these people; because loyalty to government was the priority. (Read the rest.)