CityWatch Today: The Susan Collins Legacy


GUEST COMMENTARY--It took Susan Collins almost an hour of bullshit, disingenuous, pandering blather before she revealed, less than shockingly, she would betray Mainers, women and decency with her Kavanaugh vote - this, after thousands of heartsick, enraged Mainers endlessly wrote, called, visited, protested, chanted outside her office and otherwise pleaded she grow a spine and do the right thing.

Instead, wrote faith leaders here, "She has bartered her soul for a 'mess of pottage'....wielding her power against the very people who needed her to fight for them." Now this, it is widely agreed, will be her shameful legacy. (Photo above: Survivors telling their stories - aka "bullying" Collins - at her office. Photo by Brianna Soukup.)

For many, as disturbing as her cowardice was her craven hypocrisy.

From Twitter: "If I understood Susan Collins correctly, it's important to listen to women, then avoid eye contact and back away slowly until nothing changes ... 'Me too matters,' Susan Collins said, licking the blood from the knife she just stuck in its back ... Susan Collins just gave a clear and direct 'you are meaningless, and you do not matter' to every woman and survivor in America."

We will not let her forget it. In an NPR interview after her vote, she whined she'd felt "bullied" by all those tearful survivors - in Collinspeak, "special interests" - telling their painful stories. She ain't seen nothing yet.

(CityWatch guest columnist, Abby Zimet,  writes for the excellent Common Dreams where this commentary originated.)