Pelosi and Trump … Both Eat Your Soul in Small Bites

ONE MAN’S OPINION-According to Former FBI Director James Comey, “Proximity to an amoral leader reveals something depressing… Accomplished people lacking inner strength can’t resist the compromises necessary to survive… Mr. Trump eats your soul in small bites.”  

Decades earlier in 1982, George C. S. Benson, founder and President of Claremont McKenna College (then Claremont Men’s College), wrote a book entitled, Amoral America. He was aghast at both Watergate and The Equity Funding Scandal of 1970s and thought that a liberal education in American ethics would stop the amoral approach to politics and economics. We need to heed James Comey and George C.S. Benson because the rule they set forth, i.e. amorality eats one’s soul in small bites, is the greatest danger facing us today. 

Excoriating His Orangeness for his amoral approach to everything can cause us to miss the real problem. Trump is not an aberration; he is a bombastic example of modern American life. While James Comey resisted Trump’s soul eating ways, Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA) has been less successful with Trump’s Democrat counterpart, Nancy Pelosi. 

Adam Schiff Is Becoming a Tragic Example 

Rep. Schiff is tragic because only a moral person can have his soul eaten by amorality. Adam Schiff recognized the threat to America as Donald Trump continues to trash American mores, but he had to make compromises to survive. While currently the nation sees Attorney General William Barr succumb to the amorality of Trump, we overlook how Schiff has abdicated his morals to Nancy Pelosi and her anti-American Group Rights agenda. 

As we have seen, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi is obsessed with aggrandizing her personal power while trampling individual rights, e.g. the core value of the Declaration of Independence. By virtue of controlling the purse strings of Democrat candidates, she has promoted group bigotry as a basis for her Identity Politics to an art form. In contrast, Trump is a crass buffoon who is too thick headed to condemn Nazis who march with Tiki torches chanting, “Jews will not replace us.”  

ut Where Is Adam Schiff on Pelosi’s Anti-Semitism?  

Where is Adam Schiff on his own state’s bigoted policy that it is OK for judges to discriminate against troublemaker Jews who “refuse Jesus Christ” and then exposing their anti-Semitism further by forcing other state agencies to carry out their prejudice? (Cal Const. Art VI Sec 10.) 

While one might excuse U.S. Congressman Schiff for not chiming in on his state’s prejudice, that dodge does not apply to the House of Representatives where he is one of the leaders. The problem in Congress is not really Rep. Ilhan Omar; she did not place herself on the House Foreign Relations Committee.  

Yet, Schiff covers for the real culprit of the increasing level of anti-Semitism – Nancy Pelosi. On April 7, 2019, Adam Schiff said, ". . . there are isolated comments by members of our caucus that I have strongly condemned as being anti-Semitic but it's one thing when you have a few members who make comments and it's another when the President of the United States makes comments like he did about Charlottesville .There's quite a difference. I'm very proud of our leadership and its condemnation of anti-Semitism." Misdirection in defense of prejudice is not a virtue. Speaker of the House Pelosi is engineering Congressional acceptance of anti-Semitism in order to gain the support of left-wing anti-Semites and Schiff knows it. 

Soon thereafter Nancy Pelosi defended Rep. Ilhan Omar and then converted the House’ condemnation of anti-Semitism into a giant step towards the equivalency doctrine where one may not criticize Muslim terrorism against Jews without pretending that Jews behave similarly. Adam Schiff is no fool. He recognizes the equivalency doctrine; he knows that unless he shuts up about Nancy Pelosi’s brand of amorality, his aspirations are dead. 

Group Rights Is the Flip Side of Bigotry 

Pelosi’s promotion of bigotry is the lynchpin of her Group Rights approach to politics. Her game plan is to gather together as many aggrieved groups as possible claiming that The Dem Party will protect them. Group Rights, however, turns to hatred of a scapegoat who is blamed for all the in-group’s woes. In the case of the far Left and many Muslims, the evildoers are the Jews.   

Most recently, Pelosi arranged to have Imam Omar Suleiman with a history of anti-Semitism give the opening prayer before the House of Representatives. Of course, he said nothing prejudiced. We’ve seen this ploy before. It’s a way to mainstream bigots. Invite them to give a speech where they are all sweetness and light, as a strategic gambit to gain more acceptance and hence further their anti-Semitic agenda. When Pelosi’s office said they are looking into Texas Rep. Johnson’s inviting Suleiman, New York Rep. Lee Zeldin was not fooled about Pelosi’s role. He tweeted, “Totally unacceptable that @SpeakerPelosi had Omar Suleiman give the opening prayer ...”  

Adam Schiff is MIA 

So why is Adam Schiff missing in action as Speaker Nancy Pelosi is steadily promoting bigotry in the form of anti-Semitism in the U.S. Congress? Where is Schiff’s call to duty the greatest – to complain about the buffoonery of Donald Trump or to combat the insidious undermining of America’s morality by his own political party? Answer: The duty to fight Pelosi’s Group Rights based anti-Semitism falls heavier on Adam Schiff since he is one of the main Democrat leaders who is castigating Donald Trump. 

Let’s Stop Being Dupes 

There are thousands of other imams who lack a history of anti-Semitism who could have been honored by being asked to give the prayer. The fact that Pelosi provided for a person with a well- documented history of anti-Semitism signaled to her left-wing anti-Semites that it is open season on Jews. In fact, Pelosi’s behavior is a slap in the face to all Muslims who eschew bigotry and violence.  

Pelosi’s Group Rights Identity Politics is amorality par excellence and it is eating Adam Schiff’s soul in increasingly larger bites.


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: Rickleeabrams@Gmail.com. Abrams’ views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.