Already Sick of the AOC Obsessed Cult

MY TURN-Ah yes, nothing like putting a female so-called “progressive” in with white, male slave owners; but this is one of the favorite images of the fauxgressive group.

The obsessive behavior of her supporters is something that we have seen before. During the Presidential campaign we witnessed the rise of Berniebots, crats, and bros, and just like them, supporters of AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) are demonstrating cult behavior. 

Now, suddenly, male feminists have exploded onto the scene! Where were you last year? Two years ago? 10 years ago? I guess it takes a young, attractive female for you to recognize your feelings. 

This is just part of the obsession with AOC, and as lifelong and committed liberals, we are sick of it. The AOC cult is doing the exact same thing that they did with Sanders because they never learned the first time. They apparently lack the critical thinking portion of their brain to differentiate logic versus fantasy. 

Getting their views on AOC is a tour through a rather sick and twisted lens, and if you try to present any facts, they will viciously attack you…just like the Berniebots did. In their bubble-world, AOC is a warrior queen, taking on the “the moderate Dems” and is an example of the future of liberal politics.

In reality, she is an inexperienced neophyte who is Bernie Sanders’ protégé and part of the Justice Democrats. 

Let’s take on the “inexperienced” first. When having a conversation with an AOC-supporter they will completely jump over her lack of experience. In fact, they make the same comment as the Trump supporters -- give her time to get used to things. The problem with this is that anyone who enters any field that they know nothing about usually DOES take the time to learn the ropes. AOC has not. She charged in, making demands while also making a fool of herself. Only part of her group has enough background to write anything and the Republicans are having a field day making fun of her idiocy. If you give the AOC supporters real-life examples of WHY experience is needed (yes, you have to talk to them this way), such as a first year Med student should not be allowed to do surgery, they tell you that you are ridiculous…completely making your point for you. 

Let’s talk about the Justice Democrats part next. While the rest of us are battling the Republicans and their horrid policies, the Justice Democrats are trying to overthrow anyone within the Democratic Party that doesn’t comply with their extremists’ beliefs. Yes, you got that correct -- they are fighting Democrats and ignoring the Republicans…and the GOP couldn’t be happier. 

Justice Democrats have been part of the main anti-Democrat PACs that have had the sole purpose of attacking Democrats and promoting the extremist insurgents in an attempt to take over the party. Some of the more well-known names of the JDs include, The Young Turks, Our Revolution, and yes, DSA. The Young Turks was co-founded by a Putin puppet, Cenk Uygur and an individual named Saikat Chakrabarti who was responsible for developing technology for the campaign for Bernie Sanders. In 2017, Cenk resigned from TYT over “language deemed sexist or degrading to women.” As of Feb. 2018, there were only two board members of the Justice Democrats and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez was given one of those positions as Chairperson; the other position is Saikat Chakrabarti who is also listed as being the senior adviser to AOC. 

AOC May be Smart, but She Isn’t Savvy 

One of the downsides that AOC and her supporters have is that they seem to have never actually worked in any kind of an environment that required that you learn first. After talking with a few of her supporters, I am unsure if they have “worked” at all! They think it’s just fine for someone with little or no experience to march into D.C., make demands, and try to “explain” to experienced politicians…how they think the government should be run. 

AOC does have some excellent ideas, and if she was “savvy,” she would know how to learn the ropes and align herself with those who can help to implement her plans. The problem is, this group has been trained to take over, not negotiate, and just like any extremist group, they will end up in failure. There are far too many critical thinking liberals and when we smell something that is rotten, we call it out. 

AOC’s first action as she entered D.C. was to stage a media byte protest at Nancy Pelosi’s office. This had nothing to do with the so-called “topic” of the protest, just a way to get attention with MSM. And while Pelosi recognizes AOC as a useful tool, you don’t walk into D.C. and make enemies of the one woman that can help to advance your causes. 

The cult supporting AOC seems to be under the delusion that she will take over the entire Party, throw all of the “old Dems” out, and begin a new era. This is just a continuation of the Bernie Sanders brainwashing to move the country towards socialism and this happy little cult group lives in such a limited view, that they can’t get their heads out of their a$$es to know that there is a great big country filled with people that don’t agree with them. AOC is Bernie Sanders’ protégé and she is continuing the legacy of absolute idiocy. 

Following the line of AOC’s intelligence: she is indeed smart. The cult likes to keep parroting that she “had an asteroid named after her” (kind of like Bernie Sanders marched with Dr. King  --  which he didn’t). However, the more important thing that AOC should be given credit for isn’t the asteroid-thing; her name was submitted with a lot of others and just picked. Instead, the science project that AOC did was so exceptional that she won second place in the Intel Science Fair. THAT is an accomplishment! It also means that AOC understands the concept of the scientific principles and the methodology required to get a theory proven. When it comes to politics, she has allowed her emotional attitude to take over the logic. 

Here’s What Happens When You Give AOC Cult Members Facts 

Conversations with this cult group are really no different than with the Berniebots, bros, and crats. They start out ignoring facts, and each fact that you give them, they jump to another topic. Typically, they call you a misogynist first, which is hysterical considering that I am a life-long feminist. This is then followed by an accusation that your “facts” are really due to AOC’s heritage; which is also hysterical because none of her heritage has ever been part of the discussions. 

When you don’t fall for those attacks, they begin telling you that you are a Dino Dem, followed by an accusation that HRC supporters didn’t let Bernie win, then followed by calling you a neo-liberal and shill. They will usually end with the accusation that presenting facts and truth must mean that you are a Russian or a Republican…or worse yet, a Libertarian! 

At no time do the cult supporters EVER address the facts. 

Any facts that you present, including her inexperience and refusal to learn are listed as “opinion,” which is oddly the same thing that the TrumpTrolls say about facts about Trump. 

One of the most interesting things is that the cult members of AOC seem to think that she, just like BS, is the wave of the future. They reinforce lack of knowledge, experience, and even a viable plan and replace it with dreams and hopes. 

Don’t get me wrong, our system is broken, and we need an overhaul, but not while we are fighting for the life of our country. We are in a Constitutional Crisis and these little elitists want to have a family fight while the GOP transitions our Democratic experiment into a fascist regime. 

What the fauxgressives DON’T see is that AOC doesn’t put fear into the hearts of the Repubs NOR is she causing distress in the Dem Party. The GOP is laughing, because AOC and her cult supporters are reinforcing everything that they say about the extreme left. 

Perception is the most important part, and since this group, just like the BS supporters, lack critical thinking abilities, there is no way that we can present logic, facts, or truth, they just stick their fingers in their ears. 

They learned nothing from the 2016 elections. 

(S. Novi is a journalist that worked in the media and continues to seek out truth and integrity. A liberal and one that is suspicious of cults and empty promises. She is a member of Medium.com and a contributor to CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.