Did Nancy Pelosi Intentionally Engineer the Anti-Semitic Furor?

ONE MAN’S OPINION-From CNN to the right-wing rabid dogs, all agree that Nancy Pelosi is an Identity Politics champion, #Fivewhitemen. Knowing that negativity attracts more voters than being positive, Pelosi is tripling down on her group rights position where Whites are bad, but white men are worse and white Jews are worst of all. 

GOP and Dem Group Rights have two selling points: (1) Our party will protect your group and (2) Your group is a victim. These two go hand in hand. Unless a group is being victimized, why would it need protection? In the 20th Century, Group Rights received its most significant boost from Brown vs Board of Education 347 U.S. 483 (1954) which failed to find that segregation violated anyone’s individual right of liberty, but rather educational segregation has been based on a group analysis of the impact it had had Black children. 

Brown launched the Victimology approach to life in which one is not responsible for his or her own life, but rather all the bad things in one’s life are due to some other group. Blacks have been endlessly harangued to believe that all whites, as a group, are racist. Today we see this meme in White Privilege. Jesus Christ, Mohammad and Moses could descend from Heaven and anoint an old white man as holy, but the White Privilege true believers should shove them aside in order to castigate the old white man as a racist. 

Then Came Trump 

Being a Histrionic, Trump goes wherever the cheers are the loudest. Extremists always cheer louder than sensible people. In the early 1950s Eric Hoffer in his book, True Believer, explained why the extremes are irrational and the left is the same as the right. Thus, the screaming racists, KKKers, White supremacists re-enforced Trump’s shift to the far right where he found some Nazis to be fine people, but Jews to be dangerous internationalists. Trump broke the taboo on using blatant racism and Hillary legitimized this tactic by calling his base Deplorables. That term not only infuriated them, but it also united them right before the election. 

Nancy Pelosi is No Fool 

Unlike Trump who suffers from a Histrionic Personality Disorder and is largely not morally responsible for his being a moral degenerate (kind of contradictory, no?), Nancy Pelosi may or may not labor under a psychological handicap. She does, however, recognize a winning formula. No one can look at the 2016 election and Trump’s approval ratings (which should be less than zero) and not see that racist group rights works. 

Pelosi recognized the growing anti-Semitism among the far left and she also recognized that True Believers are über loyalists. Oh, how Nancy must have longed for supporters who would stick with her even if she shot someone on 5th Avenue. 

Anti-Semites Live on the Extremes 

Both the GOP Far Right and the Dem Far Left house significant contingents of anti-Semites, and fortunately for Nancy, three Democrat anti-Semites were not only were recently elected to Congress, but they quickly became stars, dare I say “starlets:” young, brash, female, minority and anti-Semitic. 

Now Pelosi had her own seedlings of bigots from which to nurture an extremely loyal cadre of True Believers. What about the large contingent of Jews within the party? “What are the Jews gonna do – leave to join the Nazis in the GOP?” Does anyone expect Rep. Adam Schiff to become a Republican? 

Pelosi’s Most Excellent Plan 

Looking at California from whence Nancy hails, she saw that the state had adopted a virulent anti-Semitic policy similar to the Nazi anti-Jew laws in the 1930s. Under California’s Constitution, Art. VI, Sec 10, judges may exclude Jews from court, they may remove Jewish attorneys and replace them with Christian attorneys (in Germany, Aryanization), they may ignore evidence offered by Jews and falsify evidence offered by Jews. 

The great boon to Pelosi is that all the Jewish organizations and office holders have remained silent. Not only has there been no backlash, there was not a single peep from any of them. The Jewish community should have known that a suspiciously large number of Jews were being charged in bogus state bar complaints and some were jailed, but judicial anti-Semitism was condoned. They knew or should have known that the Commission on Judicial Performance approved of such behavior. Yet, they have remained silent. 

So, What Does Pelosi Do? 

Pelosi intentionally placed Rep Omar, a first term Representative and known anti-Semite, on the prestigious House’s Foreign Relations Committee. Let’s pause and think. Foreign Relations Committee. Is there any other committee assignment where Rep. Omar’s anti-Semitism would be more guaranteed to break forth? 

Let’s look at the other committees: Agriculture, Armed Services, Budget, Education and Labor, Energy and Commerce, Ethics, Financial Services, Homeland Security, House Administration, Intelligence, Judiciary, Natural Resources, Oversight and Reform, Rules, Science, Space, and Technology, Small Business, Transportation and Infrastructure. Yet, Pelosi chose Foreign Relations. 

Is anyone so naive to believe that Pelosi inadvertently placed Rep. Omar on the one committee where Omar’s anti-Semitism would create a furor? As we watch this passion play unfold, we see how Pelosi turned a condemnation of Rep. Omar into a condemnation of general anti-Semitism. Then Pelosi morphed it into the type of Equivalency Fallacy resolution where Jews are who subject of bigotry are as bad as the bigots. One can rest assured that anti-Semites are heralding the House resolution as the adoption of Equivalency where no terrorism against Jews may now be criticized without claiming that Jews behave identically. 

The only thing necessary for anti-Semitism to thrive is for good people to remain silent. Worse than remaining silent, some Jews are revealing their far left-wing bona fides by supporting Rep. Omar, Nancy Pelosi, and blatant anti-Semitism both in California and nationally. The person who should be removed from her leadership position is Nancy Pelosi. One thing Rep. Omar did not do is place herself on the Foreign Relations Committee.


(Richard Lee Abrams is a Los Angeles attorney and a CityWatch contributor. He can be reached at: Rickleeabrams@Gmail.com. Abrams’ views are his own and do not necessarily reflect the views of CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.