GUEST COMMENTARY--Sigh. In this week's circus act of gonzoanti-diplomacy, our imbecilic Peacock-In-Chief has cited as the next great danger to world peace the newly proud member of NATO:

BY ANY NAME, A PROBLEM--My father and I always had a tacit agreement: “We will never speak of That Part of the World.”

A HISTORY OF INHUMANITY-When Donald Trump recently accused  “illegal immigrants” of wanting to “pour into and infest our country,” there was an immediate outcry.

CONSIDER THIS-On both sides of the political aisle, Trump’s summit with Vladimir Putin in Helsinki has been cast as an utter failure. 

MELTING ICE--Progressive mid-term election candidates like Cynthia Nixon(photo above)  and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez have roused constituents with campaign trail promises to work to abolish Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

YOUR EXCELLENCY--As an American, I believe I can speak for a great many of us who were appalled, embarrassed, and humiliated by the recent behavior exhibited by our so-called leader. 

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