DONE WATCH-The Historic Cultural Neighborhood Council is officially subdivided.

DONE WATCH-The following letter was written by Katherine McNenny, a Los Angeles resident and activist in the community of Skid Row. While DONE touted the turnout from Koreatown, none of it related to anything they did and further shows what a joke online voting is. 

JUST SAYIN’--The Budget Advocates were advised this week that Mayor Garcetti is too busy to attend the annual Budget Day. 

THE HCNC SUBDIVISION FRAUD--A blogdated 4/20/2018 detailed the many inconsistencies and outright lies connected to the fraudulent neighborhood council subdivision application of the Historic Cultural North Neighborhood Council Formation Committee (HCNNCFC). 

DONE Watch--Jose! The Neighborhood Council’s broke up with you and your online-voting.  Let it go.  It’s becoming embarrassing.

DONE WATCH--I was surprised to see that the City Council is attempting to re-instate funding to have the online voting platform built out for the 62 neighborhood councils that did not do online in 2016. 

DONE WATCH-It seems EmpowerLA is doing its darndest to keep a lid screwed on a three-page policy memo, almost as tight as the Nixon administration trying to can the Pentagon Papers. 

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