ANIMAL WATCH-Since 2010, LA Animal Services' General Manager Brenda Barnette and Councilmember Paul Koretz (photo above, right) have been trying to raise the pet limits in Los Angeles – and for different reasons.

ANIMAL WATCH-The discovery of two mutilated dead cats lying near each other in his neighbor's yard last Tuesday morning deeply disturbed Arleta Neighborhood Council President Jaime Gallo.

ANIMAL WATCH-"Puppy-mill" bans are increasingly being exposed as unable to stop the commerce of mill-bred animals in cities/states where they have been passed.

ANIMAL WATCH-Sheriff Jim McDonnell served with the Los Angeles Police Department for 28 years before becoming Chief of the Long Beach Police Department in 2010.

ANIMAL WATCH-As the result of very persistent and persuasive phone calls from a prominent activist that an LA Animal Services' Commissioner was claiming his electronic communications were "hacked," a California Public Records Act request (CPRA) was sent to General Manager Brenda Barnette and certain members of the Los Angeles Animal Services Commission. 

ANIMAL WATCH-On November 27, 2017, Commissioner Roger Wolfson (photo above, right), one of Mayor Eric Garcetti's appointees to the Los Angeles Animal Services' Commission, introduced his initiative to switch the entire city shelter population of lost, homeless, abandoned and stray dogs to a totally meatless diet.

ANIMAL WATCH-On May 2, LA Superior Court Judge Shellie Samuels denied a request to reduce the sentences of the two Los Angeles Lucky Puppy Rescue Retail store owners, Rachel Kennedy and Sandra Vasquez, who are currently on suspended sentences with summary probation after conviction for animal abuse and neglect. 

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