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  • Paul Koretz: Abuse of Power

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-In January of 2013, the Superior Court ruled that the Los Angeles City Council “abused its discretion” when it overruled the Central Los Angeles Area Planning Commission’s denial of a zoning variance for a third residential unit on a 7,200 square foot corner lot at 1102 Stearns Drive in…
  • Sources: CBE Chair Horton and Wife May Have Broken PAC Laws

    Randall Fleming
    INSIDE INGLEWOOD-Campaign financial forms for the 2015 Inglewood City Clerk candidacy reveal that the wife of California Board of Equalization (BoE) Chairman Jerome Horton, Yvonne Horton (photo), directly paid for a Political Action Committee (PAC) Independent Expenditure (IE) campaign that was…
  • Festival of Neighborhoods: It’s So LA

    Karen Mack
    DISCOVERIES-Along a stretch of Crenshaw Boulevard, near the border between Los Angeles and Inglewood, is one of the city’s oldest neighborhoods, Hyde Park. One unassuming segment in the area, between 78th street and Florence, and home to a few shops, churches and street vendors is part of Mayor…
  • If Hong Kong Can Have a Pro-Democracy Movement ... Why Can't the United States?

    John Queally
    WHO WE ARE-As riot police faced off with protesters holding umbrellas in Hong Kong on Saturday, a demonstrator between them held a placard reading "Occupy Central." (Photo: Vincent Yu/Associated Press)On Wednesday, China's Foreign Minister Wang Yi met with U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry in…
  • Medical Marijuana in California: A Successful Treatment for a Wide Range of Patients

    Amanda Reiman
    WHO WE ARE-Anyone can be a medical cannabis patient in California. This rhetoric has plagued the inaugural medical cannabis state since 1996. Given the absence of a codified list of approved conditions from the legislature and willingness of many California doctors to embrace cannabis as a viable…
  • The Daniele Watts Stop--A Real Django Unchained Life Saga

    Cheryl Dorsey
    THE COP OUT-There was a very powerful scene in the movie Django Unchained where Calvin Candie, the brutal owner of the Candieland Plantation, used a "hot box" as punishment for rebellious and unrepentant slaves. Django Unchained actress, Daniel Watts has made a false claim against LAPD officers and…
  • Why Do Burger King and Walgreens Want to Flee the U.S.?

    Andrés Martinez
    TRADE WINDS-The Obama administration is not living up to its promise to move the country away from an arrogant, unilateral approach to the world. And it has not embraced a more consensus-driven, multipolar vision that reflects the fact that America is not the sole player in the global sandbox.
  • Here’s Why Holder is Leaving … So He Can Finish What He Started

    Betty Pleasant
    SOULVINE UNCHAINED-Damn! --- Atty. Gen. Eric Holder resigned just when he put the needs and concerns of the country’s African Americans on the Justice Department’s front burners. During his five years in office, Holder, the first black attorney general, has been the people’s greatest ally in the…
  • Paging Los Angeles DA Jackie Lacey … Inmates Running the Asylum at Central Basin Water District

    Brian Hews`
    GUEST EDITORIAL-I was at the meeting last Wednesday at Central Basin where the “Roybal Three”(I am going to call them the Three Bozos now) namely James “Teacher Jail” Roybal, Leticia “Qui Tam” Vasquez (photo), and Bob “Tag Team” Apodaca basically said to their constituents that we don’t care about…
  • The Japanese-Americans Survive Internment Camps, Leave Their Mark on Los Angeles

    Rosemary Jenkins
    WHO ARE THE REAL ANGELINOS? (AN ONGOING SERIES)-It is time to present the Japanese-American influence on the Los Angeles community. We in this country have had a long connection with those who represent this ethnicity—sometimes in a very positive way but for a long time the interaction has been…
  • Garcetti, City Council: Best Advertisement for the Move to Texas

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-On Wednesday, the Herb Wesson led City Council approved the Citywide Hotel Minimum Wage Ordinance without considering the impact on the hotel industry, the Convention Center, and the City’s well deserved “business unfriendly” reputation that has alienated employers and investors who…
  • Who to Dislike More: The Supporters of Ballot Propositions, or Those Who Oppose Them?

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-I don't know who to distrust more, the people who write ballot propositions, or the people who write the ads opposing them. Both sides seem to be good at lying to us, although they lie in different ways. Many of our ballot propositions are special interest pleading, designed to give…
  • Beverly Hills Finds New Reason to Fight Subway to the Sea: Fear of ISIS Attack

    Peter Z. Scheer
    TRUTHDIG-The city with the most famous ZIP code in the world has spent years and millions of dollars trying to block a public subway expansion through its gilded gates, but its reasoning has slipped into the absurd. Various public officials and even the local newspaper are claiming that the Islamic…
  • LA Neighborhood Congress: Could Have Been So Much More … or Not

    Denyse Selesnick
    NC WATCH-There are two ways of my describing this year’s LA Neighborhood Congress: One is from a Journalist’s point of view; and the other from an Activist/planning Committee member’s point of view. As someone covering the Congress and talking with various attendees … it was successful. Attendance…
  • LA’s Lady Has a Birthday - Queen Mary Turns 80

    Kay Martin
    FIRST PERSON-The word “posh” derives from the custom of royalty and nobility sailing from/to Southampton, England residing in different staterooms - Port Out Starboard Home = POSH. This is because they changed staterooms depending on direction. I know because I was there. Our bathroom was huge and…
  • Slush Fund Alert: Do You Trust the City Council to Act in the Ratepayers’ Best Interests?

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-On Tuesday, September 30, the Los Angeles City Council approved a preliminary Letter of Agreement to resolve the legal battles between City Controller Ron Galperin and IBEW Union Bo$$ d’Arcy over auditing the use of over $40 million of Ratepayer money that was funneled by our Department…
  • Why the Supreme Court Waited on Marriage Equality

    Adam Winkler
    CIVIL RIGHTS-Monday the Supreme Court announced it would not hear a marriage equality case in the near future, turning down several appeals of lower court rulings that voided bans on same-sex marriage. No doubt this is a disappointment to many who have been waiting for the Court to declare marriage…
  • First Person: The Facts about Prop 46

    Bob Pack
    BACKTALK-Rosemary Jenkins got many facts wrong in her CityWatch column about Proposition 46, California’s patient safety initiative on the November ballot (“Confusing Prop 46: Could Provide Disastrous Consequences”). I am the main proponent of Prop 46, and I’m here to tell you there’s nothing…
  • World Leaders ‘Moved to Tears’ by Climate Change Poem at U.N. Summit (Video)

    Natasha Hakimi Zapata
    ONE PERSON, MAKING A DIFFERENCE-Kathy Jetnil-Kijiner, a 26-year-old poet from the Marshall Islands, wrote a lyrical letter to her daughter about a world that may be unrecognizable—thanks to global warming—by the time the infant comes of age. (Video) The epistolary poem, which received a standing…
  • Backroom Deals in the Race to Succeed Tom LaBonge

    Jack Humphreville
    LA WATCHDOG-The race to succeed termed out LA Councilman Tom LaBonge is turning into a circus as fifteen (15) candidates have tossed their hats into the ring. However, only six of these candidates have raised over $100,000, representing almost 90% of the $870,000 raised by all of the candidates.…
  • Mayor Butts Putting the Squeeze on Free Speech at Inglewood City Council Meetings

    Randall Fleming
    INSIDE INGLEWOOD-On Tuesday, September 23, Inglewood mayor James T. Butts unilaterally decided to cut the speaking time for each resident from three minutes to one. The decision, which was not allowed a city council vote let alone a public discussion, may have violated a number of laws. "Public…
  • Edison Pulls a Reverse Robin Hood … Wants to Steal from the Poor and Give to the Rich

    Rosemary Jenkins
    JUST SAYIN’-The California Public Utility Commission (CPUC) is holding hearings right now to determine if Southern California Edison (SCE), an Investor-Owned Utility (IOU), can adjust its rates. I urge a resounding NO! 
  • Funn with Nombers at Sitty Hall

    Greg Nelson
    THE CITY-I live for the day when neighborhood councils find the will to organize themselves in order to pressure city hall into adopting practices and laws that further empower the all councils. There is enough time and energy within the neighborhood councils to do this while they tackle local…
  • Bust Up Those LA Traffic Jams: Get ‘PTWs’ into the Mix

    Robert B Lamishaw
    TRAFFIC AND PARKING SOLUTIONS … A TWO-PART SERIES-It is no secret to anyone who drives in LA that getting to and from work, or even taking a quick trip into town is becoming ever more difficult, expensive and time consuming. Increasing traffic levels mean road users can spend up to several hours a…
  • Attack of the YIMBY’s!

    Ken Alpern
    ALPERN AT LARGE-From Whittier to Westchester, from Montebello to Ontario, and from Downtown LA to Anaheim, we are witnessing an embrace of the future that is cause for both hope and concern, and bodes well for an electorate (not NIMBY's but YIMBY's … Yes In My Backyard) that strives for a future…
  • Eric Holder: Like George Wallace and Huey Long, a Thug Who Hurt the Cause of Civil Rights

    Ken Alpern
    ALPERN AT LARGE-Whether or not one voted for President Obama in 2008 or 2012, his election and re-election was supposed to harbor an improvement in race relations in this nation. Unfortunately, his choice of Eric Holder for Attorney General (and, by extension, his close friendship with Holder)…
  • Do the Transpo Experts Really Despise Us This Much?

    Bob Gelfand
    GELFAND’S WORLD-There was a panel discussion the other night which included the CEO of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (the MTA), a college professor, and the head of a nonprofit organization dedicated to making our transportation lives better. When you look at the video or read the…
  • Bulletin for the Naïve: Slavery is Alive and Well in 2014

    Rosemary Jenkins
    JUST SAYIN’-I think many of us have been under the misguided or mistaken impression that slavery ended with Emancipation and the 13th Amendment. How naïve we have been and, perhaps, still are. 
  • U.S. Ebola Outbreak: Overconfidence is Not a Strategy

    Paul Hatfield
    PERSPECTIVE-I am not fearful of an outbreak of Ebola in the United States as a result of the turn of events that landed an infected person in Dallas. Public health authorities will not leave a stone uncovered along the trail of contacts left by the patient. What I am concerned about is the…
  • Thank You, Mr. November

    Paul Hatfield
    PERSPECTIVE-The moment is still etched in my memory. The Yankees trailed Arizona by one game going into game 4, and it looked as if they would be down by two. It was only through gutsy pitching in game 3 that prevented the Bombers from reaching the brink of elimination in the 2001 World Series. 



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