Editor’s Memo: LA’s Missing Future


CITYWATCH TODAY—LA’s mayor is getting a lot of attention these days. Returned to office by almost all of the few who turned out to vote, he’s in demand. Which is refreshing because he wasn’t nearly as available as a campaigner. 

Guesting on Larry Mantle’s Air Talk and interviewed by David Lazar for Studio SoCal and CityWatch Mayor Garcetti paints a rosy future for Los Angeles. And that’s good. I like rosy. The problem is what the Mayor is not addressing and the cloud it casts on the months and years ahead. 

The City’s budget deficit has spiraled to a projected $250 million. These are your dollars. The cost of employee pensions continues to climb. And, the DWP’s $245 million Power Transfer may not be legal. So how to cover it all? No word from Mayor Garcetti about how he’ll deal with this horrendous cloud on LA’s rosy future. 


Listen to David’s interview … Eric Garcetti in his own words. Jack Humphreville explains the ‘budget gap’ and the ‘power tax’ … in his LA Watchdog column. That’s Today’s CityWatch 

One other note. Remember … not so long ago … when you couldn’t see the mountains from Downtown LA? Or Downtown LA from the Hollywood Hills? President Trump is messing with the Clean Air Act and California is prepping for a war. Chris Reed provides details … in CityWatch. 

Let us know what you think. 

Ken Draper-Editor, CityWatch