Cedillo Continues to Tempt the Ethics Gods: Uses His Official Letterhead for Campaigning

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ELECTION WATCH--Back on January 7, we wrote about Gilbert Cedillo’s alleged misuse of his City Council resources in his CD 1 reelection bid. Only a week later, we again covered Cedillo’s alleged misuse of his office resources when city-funded newsletters were displayed next to campaign collateral at his election bid event – and city employees proudly displayed the official city seal on windbreakers they chose to don at the same event. 

Activist Marc Caswell says, “Since the article detailing the issue appeared in CityWatch, the City Hall address was removed from the template of his campaign emails but now we have even more evidence that they are using the same account and template for both official City business and electioneering,” which Caswell says “proves that someone is using the same Nationbuilder account for electioneering, likely paid for by taxpayer CD 1 funds.”

And on February 8, Cedillo apparently sent a detailed four-page letter defending his suitability for endorsement to the LA Times editorial staff – using, yes, his City Council letterhead!

Below the official City Seal and his office identification – Gilbert Cedillo, First Council District, Cedillo writes: 

For the record, in your recent endorsement statement, you called for a city leader who believes wholeheartedly in a more sustainable type of growth. In terms of creating a more sustainable Council District 1, I have championed fairness of access, social equity, and environmental justices for my constituents … 

According to Caswell, ethics violation complaints have been filed.

FYI the LA Times editorial board has endorsed Cedillo’s challenger, newcomer Bray-Ali for the March 7 election.

Will Cedillo continue to temp the Ethics Violation gods? We’ll keep you posted.

(Beth Cone Kramer is a Los Angeles writer and a columnist for CityWatch.)