Inside Compton: The Case of the Missing Charges

SOUTH OF THE 10-2 Urban Girls was the first to report on the arrest of Mr. Salvador Galvan and his "alleged" confession. The LA Times followed up the story with a salacious headline FBI investigates allegations of embezzlement against Compton's deputy treasurer, authorities say.  Yet, neither of the article’s authors, Angel Jennings and Veronica Rocha, attributed that to anyone associated with the FBI. 

“Sheriff’s Cmdr. Joe Gooden said the FBI is investigating the case. However, FBI spokeswoman Laura Eimiller said the agency would not confirm or deny an investigation.” 

Spokeswoman Laura Eimiller also confirmed to 2 Urban Girls that they could not confirm or deny an investigation and also clarified that there was not an open case out of their office against Galvan. She went further, stating she couldn't corroborate anything in the media regarding this case. 

LA County District Attorney spokesperson Greg Risling also confirmed that their office didn’t have an open case against Galvan and referred us back to the Compton Sheriff’s department. 

2 Urban Girls reached out to both Capt. Thatcher and Sgt. Wargo asking if a case had been submitted to the District Attorney’s office. 

Capt. Thatcher confirmed that their office has not presented a case for prosecution. 

During the regular Compton City Council meeting on Tuesday, it was brought to residents’ attention that Galvan had allegedly pilfered $3 million of taxpayer money. 

City Manager Cecil Rhambo issued a memo to city treasurer Douglas Sanders regarding new cash handing procedures, including one as basic as no backpacks in the area where employees are counting money. 

Mr. Rhambo: How about not having the treasurer's office handle any cash at all, as is the case in other neighboring cities? And where are the surveillance cameras? 

Isn’t it ironic that former Compton Mayor Omar Bradley is still facing misdemeanor charges regarding theft of public dollars, while Mr. Galvan has no charges pending against him, even though he supposedly confessed? Mr. Risling had no comment on that fun fact.


(Melissa Hébert lives in Inglewood, CA, and blogs on community and political issues on and is an occasional contributor to CityWatch.) Edited for CityWatch by Linda Abrams.