PLATKIN ON PLANNING-City Planning has developed a host of ways to assist real estate developers building for the high end of the real estate market. Their helping hand, though, is based on cheating, and it also hides behind several totally spurious claims. While they don’t yet concede their bait-and-switch approach, their friends, like Senator Scott Wiener, unabashedly support real estate speculators with many outlandish predictions. 

EASTSIDER-For those of you who have gone to a Neighborhood Council meeting, it’s obvious that they are usually long and boring! Most of the reason for this is the Brown Act, as interpreted by DONE and their secret owner, the Los Angeles City Attorney, and it’s been an exercise in blocking and controlling the NCs without regard to the rule of law. It doesn’t have to be that way. 

PERSPECTIVE--Have you experienced water faucets that spray tiny jets of water onto your hands? You know, those eight tiny jets of water, each about 1.0 millimeter in diameter, that are emitted with so much pressure that the paltry quantity of water bounces off your skin before you can get it wet enough to apply soap, and makes rinsing the soap off nearly impossible? You can find these water faucets in airports and other public places, where they constitute a minor annoyance. But wait. Thanks to California’s state legislature, they’re on their way into your home.

PACIFIC STANDARD-Last week, Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents swooped down on about 100 7-Elevens across the country. The coordinated pre-dawn raids arrested 21 workers and launched audits of employers who, if found to knowingly employ undocumented workers, face fines and jail time. The message was clear: Undocumented people—even those who escape workplace arrests—will soon find it impossible to seek employment at all. 

CORRUPTION WATCH-Mayor Garcetti’s declaration to make Los Angeles into Silicon Beach bears as little resemblance to reality as Trump’s declaration that he is “like a really stable genius.” Garcetti proclaims that LA will become a center of the STEM industry. (STEM = science, technology, engineering and mathematics.) In September 2017, CNBC showed a grinning Garcetti sitting in a self-driving car, as it heralded LA’s emergence with infusions of investment capital. 

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