PERSPECTIVE—(Editor’s note: Amazon is looking for a second headquarters city. Los Angeles is preparing to make the case for Los Angeles. Rick Paulas thinks that may be a bad idea. Read on.) In early 2010, the city of Topeka, Kansas, was in trouble. The city's unemployment rate had risen to unprecedented levels. Some in the mayor's office thought that a lack of affordable broadband Internet access wasn't helping. Mayor Bill Bunten tried to remedy the situation by changing the city's name to Google.

EASTSIDER-I’ve always been amazed at bureaucracies’ ability to mask their programs for the poor, the disabled, people of color and other under-represented/underserved groups, with opaque titles. Here, what is truly at the heart of the Equity Metrics Initiative is inequality. 

PREVEN REPORT-For months last year, every other word out of LA City Attorney Mike Feuer's mouth was a condemnation of Wells Fargo Bank, but at the Taste of Soul street fair this coming Saturday Wells Fargo's giant logo will appear right beside the seals of the Los Angeles City and County. 

Dear Senator de León-We are writing to you to express our deep disappointment regarding comments you made recently on ​News Conference hosted by Conan Nolan. In talking about the California ​L​egislature’s recent attempts to deal with the housing crisis, Nolan made the claim that Neighborhood Councils (NCs) are somehow obstructing the construction of affordable housing. Allow us to quote your response … 

PLATKIN ON PLANNING-As our illustrious President tries to bamboozle the American public into believing that his back-of-the-envelope tax and health plans  -- that allow the rich to get even richer  – will actually lift the income of working people, it is hard not to think about ever growing economic inequality in the United States. 

ALPERN AT LARGE--No need to mince words here--it's been tough being a transportation advocate.  Political agendas, feel-good laws, ridiculous policies that send the wrong messages, and divisive paradigms have really distracted all of us from a unified approach to the planning, consensus and funding (and building) of a modern, 21st-Century LA City/County system.

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