WE OWN THIS MAN-Friends, citizens, educators: we own this man. He is our failure. The politicians who ran on American (read: white) exceptionalism and the people who voted for them ― and his kindergarten teacher, his granny and Mr. Rogers ― all told him he was special. And then failed to tell him he was no more special than the kids on either side of him. 

HEALTH CARE POLITICS--I've heard it all, whether it's from the social justice warriors (who don't know a thing about economics and medicine, although they sure think they know it all) to the capitalist overlords of medicine (who think they have all the power, although they're in for some very rude awakenings):  the cost of health care is going up, and the front-line doctors/providers are really not being talked to on this issue. 

VIEW FROM THE RIGHT--There are so many uncertain stories, so many unanswered questions, and so many confusing narratives after the nightmarish civil unrest in Charlottesville that it will take weeks or months to figure them all out...but two things are for certain:

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