LIFE OBSERVED--The systematic dumbing down of American public education over the last 40 years – seen in places like the Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD) and their non-functioning equivalents throughout LA County -- is having a profoundly negative effect on the ability of people to act intelligently and understand how to survive as we face an ever-increasing number of ecological disasters. Case in point, Hurricane Harvey. 

VOICE FROM THE CENTER--This is a somewhat extreme title. This is also an extreme situation. I've always been an advocate for liberal causes, but have pivoted as of last year. 

THE MYTH OF SCARCITY-Looking at the most recent examples of our longstanding and endemic confrontations over race, ethnicity, and equal rights, we should examine the ancient and primitive roots of this continuing problem – one that causes the human species to continue underachieving its potential – yet remains intact and unaddressed. 

THE AGE OF TRUMP--Ask not for whom the transgender bell tolls: it tolls for thee. A hideous evil has befallen America -- it is Nazism. A classic Nazi ploy is to take over a nation by singling out a group that is weak and has few, if any, defenders. In Trump’s America of 2017, that is transgender people. 

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