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  • Spice Up Your Day … Here’s the Deal on Dance Break

    Sue Helmy
    When I am stressed out or bored at work, I usually go to the break room to grab a cup of coffee and a handful of Reese’s peanut butter cups. I know this habit is really not healthy, but I don’t know…
  • The $1 DK Donut: Sweetest Deal in Santa Monica

    Sue Helmy
    DK Donuts, the old-school bakery in Santa Monica deserves all the attention it has received. For a buck, you can choose from a selection of over 30 different kinds of sweet confections ranging from…
  • Support Local Mom and Pop Dog and Cat Shop

    Jennifer Caldwell
    Close your eyes, click the heels of those shiny red shoes together and imagine a place where you can confidently shop for your dog or cat at a colorful, friendly shop that gives you all of these…
  • Father’s Day, Celebrate with StoryCorps

    Sue Helmy
    As my dad is getting older, I love hearing him tell stories of his days growing up in Egypt. The stories are fascinating about times he spend at his father's cotton goods store in Khan El-Khalili,…

    Sue Helmy
    Are you ever in a quandary with what to do with Fido when you are gone for the whole day? Does the idea of kenneling or boarding Buddy overnight make you cringe? Here is a great solution that is…
  • Unlimited Binging for About $50

    Jennifer Caldwell
    Hooray for the big four! No, I’m not talking about Ernst & Young, Price Waterhouse, KPMG and Deloitte; I’m referring to ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox. Prime time shows on these big boys require only a modern…
  • What’s a Mad Man (Fan) to Do?

    Jennifer H Caldwell
    I didn’t want to say anything, but I did work for a couple of seasons as a background performer on “Mad Men.” (Photo) In fact, I was secretly a Soviet spy working at Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce and…
  • Local Santa Monica Heritage, What a Deal of a Museum

    Sue Helmy
    The California Heritage Museum is a local Santa Monica gem worth checking out. It is located on Main Street near Ocean Park Blvd., in a 120 year old historic California home loaded with local Santa…
  • Lookin’ Hot for a Buck: Fitness Clothing at Danny’s Warehouse

    Sue Helmy
    For those of you who do not familiar with Zumba, it is a choreographed fitness program, very similar to a dance class with routines encompassing all kinds of rhythms like Salsa, Bollywood, Hip Hop,…
  • How I Fell In Love with Sunny Blue … and Omusubi! Such a Deal

    Sue Helmy
    I apologize if this entry in DEALS AND DISCOUNTS sounds like a restaurant review, but I fell in love with Sunny Blue (photo) after my first bite of chicken curry omusubi. Sunny Blue is a small…
  • A Peace of Historic West Adams

    Sue Helmy
    In fasted-paced, overstressed Los Angeles, there is a restful haven open to the public free of charge. Within a short 5-minute drive from downtown, off Arlington and 6th Street. This piece of heaven…
  • Leo Carrillo Beach, a Deal to Remember

    Sue Helmy
    You never really think of going to the beach as a “deal” or a “discount”. But it is local, free, and everyone loves to go, including your best friend Fido. Out of all the state beaches, Leo Carrillo…
  • FREE Endless Art in Beverly Hills

    Sue Helmy
    Among the well-maintained boutiques, homes and manicured lawns, there are 60 works of art sprinkled around the city brought in from the Fine Arts Commission’s public art fund. This commission is made…
  • Hunting for Treasure at OUT OF THE CLOSET Thrift Store (Video)

    Sue Helmy
    Across the street from the retail shops at the Westside Pavilion in West Los Angeles is a gem of a thrift store, Out of the Closet. “Gem” is a great word to describe the second hand merchandise, the…
  • Entertainment DEAL for Film Lovers

    Sue Helmy
    If you love movies on the big screen, love art deco, or love historic Hollywood, you would love the American Cinematheque. The organization operates two historic theatres, the Egyptian in Hollywood…
  • Operation-Letters from Santa

    Sue Helmy
    Every Christmas Eve since I can remember, my siblings and I went through the whole routine in hopes of enticing Santa to make a drop-off at our home. We decorated our windows with lights, trimmed the…
  • Hallo-Giving Pumpkins

    Sue Helmy
    Halloween 2013 I had big dreams for my pumpkin. My pumpkin was the perfect shade of orange and shaped with the right roundness to carve a big toothy smile. My intention was to carve it on Halloween…
  • Santee Alley, Not as Good as a Vacation in the South of France, But …

    Sue Helm
    They say the best things in life are free. The best are priceless things like your health, your family, friendship, or a special feeling or experience. The next best things, or second best in life…
  • Honoring Our Vets – A True Red, White and Blue Deal

    Jennifer Caldwell
    Los Angeles’ Midnight Mission is 100 years old this year. Their website says that since 1914, this non-profit has been dedicated to providing basic services to those who’ve “lost everything,” and to…
  • Culture Vulture Academy Tuition: $0!!

    Jennifer Caldwell
    Recently, I attended the opening reception of “Mother Egypt/Golden Nubia: The World of the Nile from the Mediterranean to the Sahara.” This fascinating exhibit, guest curated by Nubian-born art…



Blue Ice Cafe
9201 Winnetka Ave. Unit D
Chatsworth, CA 91311
Phone: 818-886-8391

By the People Document Preparation Center 
21722 Devonshire Street 
Chatsworth, CA 91311 
Phone: 818-341-7351

14538 Calvert Street
Van Nuys, CA 91411 
Phone: 818-779-1094

Harley's Simi Bowl
480 E. Los Angeles Ave. 
Simi Valley, CA 93065
Phone: 805-526-4212

MBX Crossfit
19631 Parthenia Ave. 
Northridge, CA 91326

  • Meetup for Fun and Adventure … Almost Always Free!

    Jennifer Caldwell

    “Meetup Mad” – a year ago, that’s how my friend Natascha jokingly described me.  At that time, she hadn’t even heard of Meetups. I’m surprised at how many people still haven’t.

    Last year, I went to my first Meetup in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Five people showed up and we all went for a brisk walk…

  • Down Home Cookin’ With Lots of Soul … i.e. Pork Chop and Eggs for Just $8.66

    Jennifer Caldwell

    Guess what? Everybody’s eating at CJ’s. And their menu is nearly as diverse as their clientele. On the front, it reads: CJ’s Café. ‘From the South to South of the Border.’

    For breakfast you can get your basic bacon and eggs, omelet’s or egg sandwiches. The sandwiches are a great deal. They range…

  • A Light Proletarian Lunch … for Just $2

    Jennifer Caldwell

    My Mom has really taken to keeping up with Deals and Discounts, even though she doesn’t live in Los Angeles, and she’s been after me for some time to say something about Mao’s Kitchen. She says it’s her favorite Los Angeles restaurant, and definitely a great deal. That’s saying something too,…

  • Getting Naked and Renewed … for Just $15

    Jennifer Caldwell

    Ever hear of a mugwort tea bath? How ‘bout oxygen and bichotan charcoal therapy? Well, apparently, the mugwort boosts immunity, promotes circulation and detoxifies. The oxygen and bichotan charcoal combo detoxifies as it moisturizes.

    I am elated to say that I experienced all of this and more at the…

  • Summer Grub and an Outdoor Flick … from FREE to Almost FREE

    Jennifer Caldwell

    Summer is the time to catch a flick outdoors and it seems like Hollywood Forever isn’t the only game in town anymore. No matter where you live in this vast and diverse city, you can take in a free movie outdoors. Whether it’s on a picnic blanket, at a trendy restaurant, off a food truck or at a…

  • Cool Parasols for 3 Bucks … Fresh Ginger $1.19 lb … It’s Chinatown, Jake

    Jennifer Caldwell

    The controversial arrival of Wal-Mart in Chinatown is in the local news lately and got me to thinking – doesn’t Chinatown already have great deals? I attended the festivities on the Chinese New Year and I scored a beautiful fabric parasol for only $3.

    Available in a variety of colors, these…

  • The Life of a Loyal Friend: Less Than $1,000

    Jennifer Caldwell

    Choosing a vet is one of the most important decisions a person will make. That task fell on me one day around six months ago. My neighbor needs a lot of help; so, I take care of Mojito, her rescue dog. I love that dog.

    One day, Mojito didn’t eat or drink all day. He didn’t do any business either.…

  • New Discovery: A Bottomless Cup o’ Joe … A Measly $1.85

    Jennifer Caldwell

    Like everyone else in Hollywood, I do have a screenplay in the works. The other day, I got the grand idea to take my show on the road and work on my script at a coffee shop – you know, like you always see those people do. Everyone looks so smart, intent on their laptop screens, sipping joe and…

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