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The Price is Wrong!

REDISTRICTING LA - One of the things that flew under the radar during the redistricting debate in City Council on March 16 was the testimony of one Senator Curren Price. During public comment, there Price stood, fresh off of a flight from Sacramento: Home of the Backroom Deal and, not coincidentally, where many of my council colleagues got their start.

For those of you who don't know Curren (and that's probably most of you), he's the State Senator of the 26th District and probably best known for his ability and, dare I say talent, to remain solidly grounded on both sides of any issue. I've been in city government almost 50 years, and that's a pretty hard one to pull off.

Well, anyway, Good ol' Curren started his speech by calling the proposed maps "reasonable" for which he promptly earned a chorus of boos from our community, which ironically, may have been the first thing Curren has earned in years.

Then, he stated that it was "appropriate" for the map drawers to add my residence as well as a shopping center, Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Plaza, into the Eighth District. Now keep in mind, before the maps were drawn, my residence and Baldwin Hills-Crenshaw Plaza were already in the Eighth District. Why they were taken out, is anyone's guess.

Nonetheless, CD8 residents should give kudos to Curren for "having our back"... and then stabbing it!

Thank you, Curren for ascending down from the ivory towers of Sacramento and deeming it "appropriate" for one of the poorest districts in the city to have a shopping center it already had. One can only wonder if Curren thinks it appropriate that the neighboring shopping center, Marlton Square, was snatched out of the district while it is being developed.

But, don't worry, South LA … Curren will always have Sacramento, if not much else.

The redistricting process is crucial to the future of our community. The process has brought unrest, controversy and confusion, and we need your continued support to make sure these unfair maps do not get passed.

This proposal is now in its third and final phase, before becoming law. It is now up to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa to either sign – thus approving – this plan to dismantle South LA or stand up for what is right, and veto it.

I will continue to stand with you and stand with my colleague, Councilmember Jan Perry, and fight this grave injustice with every tool at my disposal. If the Mayor approves this plan, we are prepared to file a lawsuit, challenging the legality of the new districts, due to violations of the United States Constitution, the Federal Voting Rights Act, and the City Charter.

INFO: You can call, write or email Mayor Villaraigosa and urge him to veto this proposal at:

Mayor Antonio R. Villaraigosa:
200 N. Spring St.
Room 303
Los Angeles, CA 90012


(Bernard Parks is Los Angeles Councilman for the 8th Council District. He can be reached at:    -cw

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Pub: Apr 10, 2012